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Environmental Teaching – Our Vision

Global environmental change is among the most severe challenges facing humankind today. Climate change, water pollution and scarcity, and the loss of biodiversity require new skills from decision-makers and those that advise them. All over the world the demand for environmental experts with a strong background in social sciences is growing steadily as the ability to provide accurate political analysis and the professional skills to develop integrated long-term-oriented strategies becomes increasingly valuable. Experts and decision-makers who seek to create innovative solutions to today’s complex problems need the knowledge and skills of not just one discipline but several. Successful solutions arise from careful policy evaluation and analysis, a solid legal background, as well as the tools to develop corporate strategies. Our Master’s Program Public and Private Environmental Management responds to these challenges by combining the fields of Political Science, Law, and Corporate Environmental Management.

Teaching is dynamic and closely connected to research, utilizing our ever expanding international network. We pursue transdisciplinary methods and involve outside experts from business, politics and administration in our teaching activities.

Berlin provides the perfect location for direct cooperation between government, administration, parliament, business and science.

Many courses are taught fully or partially in English. We invite international applicants.

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"1. Semester - Einführungsveranstaltung" - 14.10.2010


FFU wins Berlin Academic Award for Sustainable Development

The project „German-Indian Sustainability and Climate Change Dialogue“ of the Environmental Policy Research Centre (FFU), Freie Universität Berlin and teri University (New Delhi) bestowed prestigious award for being the outstanding example amongst Berlin’s academic community with respect to the implementation of the The United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development.

15566 - HS - The Role of Europe and India in Climate Protection (bloc seminar) will take place on 5-6 June 2009

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location will be announced soon



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